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Permanent Sales Post-pkmncollectors

Sales permission granted on March 21, 2015 by areica96
My feedback can be found here:

-All community rules apply
-I ship from Canada
-I will ship internationally

-I will ship out within a week of receiving payment.
-Please make it clear whether you are asking for a quote or committing.
-If you are in the US or Canada please include your zip/postal code when asking for a quote!
-Payments are due in 24 hours from commitment. If you need more time please ask!
-Minimum purchase of $5
-I have a cat and a non-shedding dog.
-Smoke free home!
-Prices are in USD and do not include shipping or fees unless otherwise stated. Anything marked as shipped includes shipping and fees. Please ask for a quote if you are unsure.

-Backing out after commitment will result in negative feedback
-I am not responsible for post office oopsies, but if you are concerned about the condition or the arrival of an item please discuss with me first!

***I will not sell to any banned members

Shipping starts at $6.60 for a small plush to the US, $7.80 internationally and $8.50 domestically. (Tracking is not included, if you wish to have tracking please let me know, but tracking overseas is ridiculously expensive)

Also please be warned that international shipping can take 3+ weeks (US averages 1-2 weeks)

2 ~Hasbro Poliwhirl, unofficial snorlax, Heartland Piplup
4 ~Hasbro Charizard, Hasbro Snorlax
7 ~PC Croagunk (hang tag bent), Shamin TTO
14 ~ Canvas Turtwig (all tags)
SOLD ~ Raiku TTO
24~ Canvas Lapras TTO

6 each ~Squishy keychain, Chikorita, Pichu
SOLD ~Minicot: Bulbasaur, Charizard

42 ~Angry Pikazard MWT
32 ~Sitting maiko pikachu MWT
19 ~ Pikakarp TTO

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Permanent Wants Post

I am on the hunt for these beauties and will most likely buy now!

Flaaffy Pokebox Charm
*I ordered the new sheep charms, but I am still intrested in the old ones, Flaaffy in particular*

Oversized Terry Cloth Mudkip and Torchic
(no tags necessary)

Phanpy Pokedoll
~2005 (preferable)
~2002 (US only)

(If you have one or any information on this plush I would love you!)

DX Phanpy pokedoll

~ ~ ~

While I always appreciate offers for other items, at this time I will probably decline, unless you have a bunch or are willing to trade.
Anything  marked with an * means I am more likely to buy if you offer.

Main Collections
mareep flaaffy ampharos ampharos-mega
Pokebox electric sheep charms                        
*Ordered the new ones, but still interested in these                

14831_original 115748_600
Pic used with permission from nasija  
Meiji "Battle Coins"
~ Ampharos and Flaaffy

95vo1k500126 metal figure (any colour)*
Kid (on right)

Whole charm set or just Feraligatr     Talking Feraligatr Figure (I have no idea what he's worth XD)    

Side Collections


Eevee pokedoll (year doesn't matter, but I'd prefer minky and tush tag at least)

Canvas Espeon (preferably without hang tags)

    Perler sprites (eventually)

~Mightyena and Poochyena Kids (any pose)

Other Wants

Pokedolls can be american or japanese release. With tush tag. Hangtag is prefered, but I would be okay without one

  Blastoise and Venusaur Pokedolls                                            
12474 Pokemon-Center-Mienfoo-Kojofu-Pokedoll-Plush-Front-500x500
                Yveltal and Xerneas Pokedolls                                        Mienfoo Pokedoll
All images were found on Google. If it is yours and you would like it removed, please kindly let me know
gentleman eevee, eevee

Hey Pokemoncollectors!

This LJ is kind of empty because I use it mostly to follow other private blogs. I am a HUGE Pokemon fan and would love to join the community. My camera is acting weird so unfortunately I can't upload any pictures of my collection right now.
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